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You know the struggle, don't you?

You're faced with a camera full of settings like ISO, aperture, and shutter speed that might as well be written in another language.

You've even tried turning to online forums for help, but it seems everyone claims to be an 'expert,' dishing out advice that's as consistent as the British summer.

It's confusing and downright disheartening.


Believe us, we've been down that road too when we started

(and online forums and social media weren't even around then!)

Imagine a space where you can share, learn, and grow as a photographer, free from judgment and misinformation

A community to refine your skills and help you capture the stunning photos you dream of.

Meet MYP Community - where EVERY question is valid.

Your new photography safe haven. From gear talks and tips to exclusive member critiques, we've got it all. Get professional input from Paul and Kate, and unlock the photographer within you.

Direct Access to Professional Advice

  • Get your questions answered by experienced photographers, Kate and Paul.

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  • Receive constructive feedback to improve your photography skills.

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  • Share your work and get tips from a community that understands your passion and challenges.

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  • Access a wealth of resources, from how-to guides to gear recommendations, all in one place. 

Weekly Updates

  • Stay ahead with photography news, trends, and tips delivered right to your dashboard.

Diverse Topics

  • We cover everything from camera settings to post-processing and artistic techniques

No Noise - Just Value

  • Forget social media clutter. Get focused and validated advice to enhance your skills.

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So much better than social media groups which are full of people being negative.


Joining MYP Community has been a game-changer. I've grown so much as a photographer thanks to Paul and Kate.


I don't have a lot of camera gear but the community helps me get the best from it. And I get unbiased advice on what I need to buy next to improve my work.

No "Bonuses", just Integrity

We believe in delivering value, not clickbait offers. That's why you won't find any 'limited-time bonuses' here. What you will find is a thriving community committed to elevating your photography skills.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

So here's your choice...

The MYP Community

  •  Expert-Led: Receive constructive, actionable advice from professionals in the field, Paul and Kate.
  •  Streamlined Learning: Skip the endless searching. We curate the best content, tips, and techniques for you.
  •  Consistent Quality: Rest easy knowing that all advice is high-quality and reliable.
  •  Personalized Support: Have a question? We're all ears and always here to help you out.
  •  Accelerated Growth: By focusing on what matters and cutting through the noise, you'll improve your photography skills faster than you ever thought possible. 

The Lone Ranger Approach

  •  Unfiltered Advice: Rely on random social media groups where everyone's an 'expert,' but there's no accountability.
  •  Time-Consuming: Spend hours sifting through YouTube videos, blog posts, and forums for those nuggets of useful information.
  •  Hit or Miss: Sometimes you get great advice, sometimes you don't—it's a gamble.
  •  No Direct Support: Got a specific question or need personalized advice? Good luck getting a direct answer.
  •  Learning Curve: Brace yourself for a slower, more frustrating path to improvement.
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