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Hi, we're Paul and Kate, and for us, photography began as a deep-rooted passion long before it was our profession.

This love for capturing the extraordinary in the ordinary has kept us constantly learning and excited about sharing what we know.

That’s why we created Master Your Photography—our platform for online courses and a supportive community.

You know how hard it can be to master a new camera, or learn a new photography technique?

Well so do we! 

We've lived through the maze of technical jargon, sifted through the endless online tutorials, and now we can streamline this journey for you.

If you're looking to truly grasp photography and grow alongside professionals who’ve walked the path, you're in the right place.

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Master Your Photography and Transform your Future

Imagine this: You're standing in front of an awe-inspiring landscape, camera in hand, and you know exactly what settings to use to capture that perfect shot. Or you're at a family gathering, and you're the go-to photographer because everyone knows you take the best photos. With our courses and community at Master Your Photography, this isn't just a dream—it's your future reality.

From understanding your camera's settings to mastering the art of composition, we cover it all with specialised courses. Need personalised guidance? Our one-to-one coaching and online community are there for quick, expert advice. You won’t just be taking pictures; you'll be creating memories and maybe even making some extra money with a photography side-hustle.

And it's not just about the photography courses; it's about belonging to an online community that shares your passion. Ask questions, share your work, and grow in a supportive, creative space. No more feeling stuck or second-guessing your skills.

Your future in photography starts here, and trust us, it's a bright one.

Kickstart your photography journey

Camera Kickstart: From Setup To Stunning Images

The Fast-Track Route to Mastering Your Camera

Beginner in photography? Master your automatic camera settings swiftly and start capturing stunning images in no time with our fast-track course.


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Unlock the Benefits of learning photography with MYP

  •  Take better photos effortlessly
  •  Build confidence in your photography skills
  •  Join a community of passionate photographers
  •  (Maybe even learn to monetise your photography?)

Why choose MYP?

You're asking yourself... "What makes us different?"

No gimmicks.

Just actionable, easy-to-understand courses taught by professionals who are invested in your growth.

We offer you an engaging community of like-minded individuals and personalised support whenever you need it.

Trying to condense everything we cover into three main areas is like attempting to fit a panorama into a Polaroid!  Here goes...

Pre-Shoot: The Foundation

Before you hit the shutter button, there's work to be done. Whether you're a newbie or have some mileage on your camera, pre-shoot planning is where every great photo begins. Learn the essentials of gear selection, understand your camera's settings, and master the art of lighting for different moods. This is your blueprint for success.

The Shoot: Execution is Key

This is where theory meets practice. No matter your skill level, the moment of capture is critical. Here, we delve into composition basics but also explore advanced techniques for storytelling through imagery. Learn to harness natural light effectively and adapt to a range of shooting environments. It's all about making that critical click count.

Post-Shoot: Final Touches

After your shoot, the journey isn't over. Beginners will find essential guides to simple edits that make a big difference, while more advanced photographers can delve into nuanced post-processing techniques. Learn to fine-tune your images in software, from exposure adjustments to color grading, ensuring the final product is as impactful as you envisioned.

Personalized Coaching:

Your Photography Turbo-Boost

While most of our community members find immense value and progression through our online courses and community alone, we know sometimes you might want that extra nudge to elevate your skills. Enter Personalised Coaching with Paul and Kate. Available both online and in-person, these sessions are custom-tailored to your unique questions and aspirations. Consider it your fast-track option to mastering your craft, no specifics on the 'investment' needed—let's just say it's the premium route to becoming the photographer you've always wanted to be.

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