Meet Paul & Kate Cooper: TheĀ Professional PhotographersĀ Behind Master Your Photography

Who We Are?

Master Your Photography is steered by Paul and Kate Cooper. We are theĀ husband and wife team behind York's renowned Bailey-Cooper Photography. With nearly three decades in the photography business, we've made a name for ourselves across a wide spectrum of subjects, from portraits to landscapes and everything in between.

Our Credentials

It's not just about the years; it's about the accolades and the dedication to the craft:

  • Ā Fellowships: Both of us have been honoured with Fellowships from the Master Photographers Association (MPA) and the British Institute of Professional Photography (BIPP), as well as being awarded Qualified Photographer status by the Federation of European Photographers.
  • Ā Awards: We'veĀ earned over 200 awards for our photographic prowess, including clinching the coveted Photographer of the Year title twice.


From sitting on the judging panel of world-class photography competitions to vetting the qualifications of aspiring professional photographers, my experience is as broad as it is deep.
I've been fortunate to critique and be inspired by a diverse array of talent from all corners of the globe. This has not only honed my own skills but has also given me a unique perspective on what makes a photograph truly stand out.
Whether it's the intricate details or the emotional depth of a shot, I bring this wealth of knowledge into everything I do, especially in guiding our Master Your Photography Community.


As the former Director of Qualifications for the Master Photographers Association (MPA), I've not just witnessed but actively shaped the future of professional photography in the UK. My role was instrumental in creating the benchmarks that define what 'qualified' truly means in our industry.
Beyond the boardroom, I've also been deeply involved in paving the way for the next generation of photographers by developing modern apprenticeship schemes.
I've even served as an expert witness in photography for UK courts.
Whether it's setting standards or defending them, I'm committed to elevating the craft of photography

Why Learn with Us

  • Proven Expertise: Our Fellowships and awards speak volumes about the quality of our courses.
  • Globally Relevant: Though we're based in York (UK), our insights and techniques are applicable to photographers everywhere.
  • Supportive Learning: Whether it's via our online courses or one-to-one coaching, weā€™re here to guide you every step of the way.

Our Philosophy

We believe in cutting through the noise to deliver no-nonsense courses that get you the skills you need, fast. No waffle, no fluffā€”just pure, impactful knowledge.

Join Us and Master Your Photography

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